What a surprise today when we got to the boat and saw it decorated w balloons and that big red ribbon, and all the customized Avanti gear! Today was the day we unveiled our surprise purchase to our kids, and their facial expression of disbelief and amazement was priceless! We told them we were on our way down to take a sail on the Avanti, and then while driving thru the yard I paused by our old C&C29 and said “but they promised that the Avanti would be in the water in slip 73”. I said “lets go down to slip 73 anyway”, and when I hopped aboard the new Beneteau, my eldest daughter actually said “that’s the wrong boat dad”. When I told them it was our new boat they began jumping for joy! We can’t wait to see the pics, too.

Thank you Rick for being so patient w Aimee and myself during the selection “process” (you probably never thought we’d decide)! And many thanks for a job well done to the entire RCR crew during the launch and commission process including the orientation by Brian and oversight by Jim. You guys truly have a great outfit at RCR. It doesn’t surprise me that when I purchased my first sailboat back in 2000 I was advised to go to RCR. You guys help dreams come true.
Rick I hope you’re still selling boats in 6 years when my oldest 4 kids finish college, so Aimee and I can come back to buy the 38 from you!