“Sue and I wanted to thank the team at RCR for their exceptional work.
Tracy, wow.. Found a buyer for our Sabre 426, negotiated the sale, arranged the survey and even got the boat ready for delivery to the new owners… from what I hear the new owners are ecstatic and absolutely love the boat…. As they should … “Halcyon” is a beautiful, quality sailboat… We are very happy Tracy found a great new home for her. .
Then Tracy found our new boat… a stunning MJM 34z. Tracy found and presented all the MJM’s on the market. The first one we looked was just not the right boat for us and Tracy knew it. He was very straight with us and steered us to another. He was right… It’s very helpful to have a broker who is actually works to find the right boat for you. . When the MJM arrived at EYC, Tracy whipped out HIS credit card and paid for the transport so I could check out our new beautiful boat without delay … He also arranged to have a professional boat mechanic at the EYC upon the boats arrival to help reinstalling the rudder, prop and complete a general inspection before she hit the water. That is a FULL SERVICE broker.
I also want to thank Don. He was fully aware of both transactions and truly has his finger on the pulse. Don called me several times just to field questions and to assure me thing were going well. That’s very comforting. And of course Mary handled the mountain of paperwork without a hitch. Registration, Documentation, Sale agreement, Buy agreement, Tax trade…. All of it… smooth and transparent to me. Everyone at RCR made the transition from our Sabre 426 to our new MJM 34z very easy and we just get to enjoy the boats…Thank you Tracy, Don and Mary”