Our experience with RCR Yachts was beyond reproach. Corbo was the best and there was not a fault one could possibly find with his efforts, result and demeanor. He was the best. Quite frankly, I had no idea that the experience could be as positive as it was. I had been looking at boats for 40 years, waiting to have a family, raise them and put them through college. When the golden moment came, I had also worked with a group in Hingham and they were totally unaccommodating to the point where my Husband slipped and fell on ice in their parking lot, and they didn’t even inquire as to how it was. Corbo on the other hand couldn’t do enough to make our decisions, which were legion, as painless as possible and the give us a wonderful experience. Thank you to both of you. We really appreciate all that you both did for us. I am in frequent contact with the seller and we have become friends in fact, with a standing invite for him to go on a sail in Boston Harbor when he comes here to visit with his son. Corbo also put us in touch with a captain with whom we have also become friends. It is a world of wonderful people with whom we have dealt since buying our new boat.