Our experience with RCR Yachts was beyond reproach. Corbo was the best and there was not a fault one could possibly find with his efforts, result and demeanor. He was the best. Quite frankly, I had no idea that the experience could be as positive as it was. I had been looking at boats for 40 years, waiting to have a family, raise them and put them through college. When the golden moment came, I had also worked with a group in Hingham and they were totally unaccommodating to the point where my Husband slipped and fell on ice in their parking lot, and they didn’t even inquire as to how it was. Corbo on the other hand couldn’t do enough to make our decisions, which were legion, as painless as possible and the give us a wonderful experience. Thank you to both of you. We really appreciate all that you both did for us. I am in frequent contact with the seller and we have become friends in fact, with a standing invite for him to go on a sail in Boston Harbor when he comes here to visit with his son. Corbo also put us in touch with a captain with whom we have also become friends. It is a world of wonderful people with whom we have dealt since buying our new boat.

Corbo Goes Above and Beyond:

“Sue and I wanted to thank the team at RCR for their exceptional work.
Tracy, wow.. Found a buyer for our Sabre 426, negotiated the sale, arranged the survey and even got the boat ready for delivery to the new owners… from what I hear the new owners are ecstatic and absolutely love the boat…. As they should … “Halcyon” is a beautiful, quality sailboat… We are very happy Tracy found a great new home for her. .
Then Tracy found our new boat… a stunning MJM 34z. Tracy found and presented all the MJM’s on the market. The first one we looked was just not the right boat for us and Tracy knew it. He was very straight with us and steered us to another. He was right… It’s very helpful to have a broker who is actually works to find the right boat for you. . When the MJM arrived at EYC, Tracy whipped out HIS credit card and paid for the transport so I could check out our new beautiful boat without delay … He also arranged to have a professional boat mechanic at the EYC upon the boats arrival to help reinstalling the rudder, prop and complete a general inspection before she hit the water. That is a FULL SERVICE broker.
I also want to thank Don. He was fully aware of both transactions and truly has his finger on the pulse. Don called me several times just to field questions and to assure me thing were going well. That’s very comforting. And of course Mary handled the mountain of paperwork without a hitch. Registration, Documentation, Sale agreement, Buy agreement, Tax trade…. All of it… smooth and transparent to me. Everyone at RCR made the transition from our Sabre 426 to our new MJM 34z very easy and we just get to enjoy the boats…Thank you Tracy, Don and Mary”

Great job RCR… Thank you.Beneteau 34 Platinum Edition

“This year we will begin our fourth season with our Beneteau 31 bought new from Rick Lenard.  We are completely satisfied with the boat.  More importantly, we couldn’t be happier with your service, follow up and marina.  In fact, where you keep your boat, where you buy your boat and whom you deal with is much more important than who manufactures the boat.  Of course, I trust it to you to represent the optimal manufacturer.  And you do – Beneteau!  Your employees are the best and our fellow sailors at your marina are all wonderful.  The only regret that I have is that I haven’t been able to send you referrals; I would if I could.  Please feel free to quote me on any of this or give my name and number to any potential customers. …Full disclosure: I am NOT related, NOR am I a personal friend (well I feel like a friend) of any employee or owner of RCR yachts.  Also, my dealings with very large “el primo” major corporations unrelated to boating is usually very favorable, but you guys (for a smaller locally owned business) out shine them.  It is obvious that you work hard. Gary R. Kolk”

Note from a Buffalo Customer, Gary Kolk:Beneteau 34 Platinum Edition

What a surprise today when we got to the boat and saw it decorated w balloons and that big red ribbon, and all the customized Avanti gear! Today was the day we unveiled our surprise purchase to our kids, and their facial expression of disbelief and amazement was priceless! We told them we were on our way down to take a sail on the Avanti, and then while driving thru the yard I paused by our old C&C29 and said “but they promised that the Avanti would be in the water in slip 73”. I said “lets go down to slip 73 anyway”, and when I hopped aboard the new Beneteau, my eldest daughter actually said “that’s the wrong boat dad”. When I told them it was our new boat they began jumping for joy! We can’t wait to see the pics, too.

Thank you Rick for being so patient w Aimee and myself during the selection “process” (you probably never thought we’d decide)! And many thanks for a job well done to the entire RCR crew during the launch and commission process including the orientation by Brian and oversight by Jim. You guys truly have a great outfit at RCR. It doesn’t surprise me that when I purchased my first sailboat back in 2000 I was advised to go to RCR. You guys help dreams come true.
Rick I hope you’re still selling boats in 6 years when my oldest 4 kids finish college, so Aimee and I can come back to buy the 38 from you!

New OwnersBeneteau 34 Platinum Edition

Don, we are in Hampton VA now and next week will head on down to Virgin Gorda. I want to thank the team at RCR for the terrific service I received. From the first day we purchased the boat to the day we sailed away, the RCR team went far beyond expectations to ensure everything was handled perfectly. I had the pleasure to work with Mary, Darren and the Buffalo team as well as Jimmy and the Youngstown team. In all cases the level of service I received was at the highest possible level, both friendly and professional. When we cast off we felt we were leaving new friends at RCR. I can recommend RCR without any reservations to anyone buying, selling or servicing a boat. Thanks to you and the whole RCR team for making this such a great experience.

New OwnersBeneteau First 44.7